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Afraid of unreciprocated love? Fret not! In this article, the Love Doctors will share with you some tips on how to read a man's mind or read a woman's mind, to find out if a guy/girl is interested in you.

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You?


If a guy is very interested in you, he will call you frequently and try to date you out. He may shower you with gifts, offer to pay for meals and do things for you willingly. He will be very nice to you, giving you frequent compliments and encouragement. He will also create opportunities to keep in contact with you.

The next category is that of a guy who is interested in you but is still considering whether you are the right person for him. Guys in this category will ask you out for dinner once in a while, call you at a less frequent basis. He is less likely to buy you gifts, in case you get the wrong idea.

If he is just out for a fling, the tell tale signs are that he initiates body contact, such as touching of hands and shoulders, at a very early stage. He flirts with you, for example by whispering softly into your ear when he talks to you. But most importantly, you will know for sure that it is a fling if he does that to all the pretty girls around him.


How To Tell If A Girl Likes You?


If a lady is very interested in you, the more pro-active ones will take the initiative to date a guy out. The less pro-active ones will accept your dates and perhaps offer to pay for your second meal. She will talk about you to her friends and ask her friends of their opinion about you.

If she is interested but is unsure if you fit more as a friend or lover, she will ask you to do things for her and seek advice from you whenever she meets with a problem.


Finally, if a lady has absolutely no interest in you, she will reject your calls, turn down your dates and may even block you on messenger! Guess there is no real need to elaborate more on this!


Whether he/she is interested or not, it is entirely up to you to sustain this interest or to turn tables if you realize that he/she is not interested!


Good luck!

Contributed by:
Chelestiar Kong Jing Wen

The writer is the author of “Love Clinic – How to lose your bachelor’s degree”, an exciting new book that is packed with innovative dating & relationship strategies designed to help singles and couples succeed at any stage of the relationship cycle. For more information, please visit





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