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About Us

Love Clinic is run by a team of 3 dynamic Love Consultants with a deep passion for creating romance.

We aim to promote the concept of love, motivate singles to find their dream partner, provide advice on maintaining happy relationships, as well as bring you the best ideas, tips and strategies that have been tried & tested from our research and experiences to help you make the most of your love life.

Another of our core principles is to have lots of fun along the way! Our ultimate joy is to help couples succeed in their relationships.

Love Clinic. Making Love Work.

Meet the Love Clinic Team:

Eugene Tan Sern Ting is a House Officer currently going through his rotations at various hospitals in Singapore. He is the Founder and Strategic Director of Love Clinic, and has a tremendous passion for helping singles find their dream partner, and helping couples maintain a happy love life. Besides writing articles on dating and relationships, he enjoys speaking and sharing his relationship strategies with his audience at public seminars organized by Love Clinic.


Chelestiar Kong Jing Wen is a final year medical student at the National University of Singapore. He is the Marketing Director and Star Matchmaker of Love Clinic, and has organized numerous matchmaking sessions with great success. Through his experience in counselling friends with relationship problems, he is able to diagnose common love ailments confidently and provide holistic management. He has often been invited to be the Master of Ceremony for wedding dinners.


Chung Pin Soon is a House Officer currently serving his rotations at various hospitals in Singapore. He is the Love Director and Senior Consultant of Love Clinic, where he specialises in solving challenging relationship problems. His experience in relationships comes from his personal encounters as well as from insights gathered from his friendsí relationships.  Always keen to lend a listening ear, it is no wonder that many of his friends and colleagues approach him for advice. 





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