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Book Review

Here is an extract from which tells you more about "Love Clinic - How to lose your Bachelor's Degree".

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Book Review: Love Clinic

I was so intrigued by Love Clinic: How to lose your Bachelor’s Degree is because it is one of the first few books to help singles written by an Asian, moreover written by fellow Singaporeans! I have come across other books online or in print and most are by writers from the west had the purpose of getting a lady laid within a night or something along that line. Love Clinic is written by Tan, Kong and Chung, 3 doctors, all still in training seeking to help guys to find the lady of their dreams. Somehow, many people would associate doctors with bespectacled and unromantic people who will be buried under piles of books, rather that taking a nice stroll in the park or movie marathon isn’t it. Thus, it will be interesting to read what these doctors in Love can offer.

Love Clinic was somewhat a déjà vu for me because I had just had just recovered from a rejection from my last attempt on a girl and what they have shared reassured me that I was normal and on the right track. Love Clinic simplifies the dating process and dishes it out in systematic step-by-step procedures, clearly written so that any layman can comprehend. I commend them for their bazaar way of simplifying with a modern approach with good organization of facts and tips. One fun and interesting segment was the Love Clinic Criteria Point System. Do check it out!

Those of you who already frequently go on dates may find Love Clinic relatively basic, however there are some refreshing ideas that might interest you and it will be nice to reminiscence how you might have used some of the methods shared in the book. People like you might want to seek more in depth resources like how to persuade some one more effectively or how to rekindle love in a relationship.

However experienced you are, I am certain that you will still find Love Clinic interesting and a joy to read. Other than the Love Clinic Criteria Point System, there is a range of localized dating ideas and even a sweet list of SMS messages everyone can find a good use for.

In summary, Love Clinic is a pleasant book suitable for anyone to read and extremely useful for first timers in the dating game because strategies are easy to apply. Pick one up and I wish you happy reading and experimenting. You may visit their web site at or for additional tips on Attracting the People You Like





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