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Book Synopsis

Table Of Contents  |  Book Synopsis

Part I: Finding That Special Someone

Once upon a time, two fishermen went out to sea in search of a mermaid.

The first fisherman had no idea of how a mermaid looked like. He just cast his net into the sea, hoping that he would be fortunate enough to find what he was looking for.

In the end, he never got what he wanted.

The second fisherman read all about mermaids and discussed with his fellow fishermen on how to find one. He did a survey on the seas that mermaids visit. When the time came for him to cast his net, he was well-prepared and extremely confident. Needless to say, he got what he wanted.

Finding love is a similar process. You can cast your net blindly, but to realise later that what you found is not what you had wanted. Or you can go there knowing what you are looking for and stay focused in your pursuit until you succeed.

Finding that special someone involves asking yourself the question of who you really want. It encompasses painting a mental picture of the type of girl you are looking for. By drafting a list of characteristics which you hope your future partner will possess, you can minimise the time spent in pursuing unsuitable people. Once this has been achieved, you can further narrow down your search to those whose life goals are compatible with yours.

Just as a fisherman needs to rely on sophisticated fishing equipment for a better catch, a guy will need to find ways and means to improve his chances. This would include visiting places where his soul mate is likely to appear, as well as improving himself so that he can win over that special person.

We are confident that after applying the strategies recommended in this section, you will be adequately prepared to take action when the love of your life appears.

Part II: Dating Strategies

You have taken some time to search for a Mona Lisa painting and while walking along the streets one day, you chance upon someone who has exactly the same captivating smile as her! Your heart begins to race wildly and there is suddenly this burning desire in you to get to know her better.

What can you do when the girl of your dreams appear?

Chapter 3 on “Knowing If She Is The Right One” shows you how to evaluate whether the girl is suitable for you. Questions you should ask yourself at this stage include your level of comfort with the other party, presence of a common life goal, whether she is a caring person, her attitude towards others as well as her shortcomings. After reading this chapter, you should be able to see how well the girl you just met matches with the mental image of your ideal girl.

Chapter 4 on “Winning Her Heart” deals with the all important first date where you hope to make a lasting impression. The first date has been divided into the pre-date, the date itself and the post date phase. Recommendations will be given on the various strategies that can be employed at each of these stages. These recommendations include prior preparation to the date, knowing what questions to ask during the date, as well as appropriate follow-ups to establish the foundation for future dates.

Chapter 5 on “Dealing with Love Rivals” touches on the competitiveness of the real world where rivalry in love is an inevitable process. It teaches you the “dos” and “don’ts” in the event of competition so that a win-win situation can be achieved. It also discusses with you the strategies to use should your best friend become your love rival.

Part III: The Big Day

Congratulations on coming thus far. You have successfully identified the girl of your dreams. She’s that perfect girl. You wished that she is not only your good friend but someone closer. You know that if you don’t take action, then it is just about wishful thinking.

Most often, we guys are faced with a dilemma. Should we declare our love to her or not? Or should we rather let things take its course? Many people think that love and relationships are pre-destined. Love Clinic advises you to take the proactive approach. Just like how a fruit tree will not bear fruits unless you first sow the seeds, the girl of your dreams may not become your girlfriend unless you express your feelings for her.

Guys will most probably face the big day with some degree of trepidation. That is inevitable as we await the reply from our dream girl. In Chapter 6, we will impart to you some strategies on how to declare your love so that you are adequately equipped and will feel more confident when you pose her the question. In the unlikely event that you are rejected, fear not as we have also included some tips in Chapter 7 on what to do next after a rejection. If you have done all you could, it is not your fault if you do not succeed. Take it positively and cheer up as it is time to move on. Finally, Chapter 8 discusses how to reject a girl nicely when you find that something’s lacking between you and her.

We hope that you will enjoy the following chapters as they prepare you for the next step in a boy-girl relationship – the stage of declaration.

Part IV: Secrets Of A Happy Relationship

After you’ve finally found a girlfriend, you may think the hardest part is over and you can relax in peace and retire in happiness. If you really believe in that then you better think again. You’ve just entered the most challenging part of the relationship – maintaining it!

Statistics show that the majority of new young couples run into relationship problems and break off after some time. While there are countless reasons why so many relationships go awry with time, many of these are within your control.

Decades of research and insights from relationship experts have shown why some couples succeed while others fail. Ask a happy couple what their secret of staying in love is, and you will probably get different answers from different couples. Although every relationship is unique, analysis of successful ones reveals common denominators. You can play a definite major role in shaping the quality of your relationship, simply by understanding and applying proven ways of maintaining your relationship at its peak level, year after year.

At Love Clinic, we believe that success in a relationship boils down to 6 fundamental secrets.
6 Secrets To Relationship Success
Secret #1: The Right Mindset
Secret #2: Communication Strategies
Secret #3: Romance Strategies
Secret #4: Renewal Strategies
Secret #5: Managing Conflict
Secret #6: Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship

These secrets are so easy to understand, yet so effective and powerful that if you can apply some of these ideas to your relationship, soon you may well be able to challenge for the title of “Best Boyfriend in the World”! In the following chapters, we will share with you some of the best ideas and strategies designed to make you a master at relationship maintenance.





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