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Memories Of The Good Old Love Clinic

On 1 December 2006, we ran a week-long contest for our members asking for their thoughts on the previous - which recently made way for this brand new site that you are now seeing.

The prize is Love Clinic's latest mini eBook below (valued at US$9) that teaches you how to revitalize the passion in your relationship by the simple act of kissing:

All winners will be notified by email with instructions on how to retrieve your prize. The following are the winners of the contest (along with their winning entries, in no order of merit). Congratulations!

First of all, I'm not going to write all the mushy mushy stuff about how good this website is because I presume that's what other people will write just to win this contest. All I want to say is that, this website is good, and beyond description. I can't explain how good it is, I can only say "you won't know how good it is until you visit it yourself". I love this website as it tells me all I want to know about love. What's more, I just broke up with my second boyfriend as I simply couldn't forget my first love of 2yrs plus...I really hope I can win this contest because, I just want to have a memorial or something useful that is a remembrance of this wonderful website-as a substitute while the existing website is being revamped and thus I can't visit as often as I usually do. Sigh...I don't understand why must this website be revamped, it's GOOD enough! But anyway, best of luck, I will be waiting till your next site is launched! I believe it'll. rox!


- Hwee Lu, Singapore


I like Love Clinic's section on real interviews ; the very practical advice Dr Love gives. Dr Love's advice prompts us to think for ourselves rather than feeding us with answers. It is written with a Singaporean flavour, highly applicable to the local context. That column in the new website should definitely be given high priority!


- Lisa Lim, Singapore


To me... love clinic really helps me in becoming a better person.

When it comes to clinic does help me.


- Labu Labi, Malaysia


Love Clinic has been the best of my websites, it has given me the inspiration to love and to be loved. The text messages it has offered me has encouraged me to advance and win the woman of my life, through the messages we have learnt to be very close and much closer. Since I started using your tips me and my girlfriend have been very happy and caring towards each other. She would pose a question to me, "where do you get such wonderful words from"? Well I would definitely lie by saying, "of course you’re dating a genius".


- Victor Kasera, Kenya


Dear Love Clinic I would like to thank u for all the good things you are doing for us most especially myself. Ever since I subscribed to join you people I have always found the joy to move on knowing that I have a love doctor somewhere ; some one out there who cares about my love life. Those love quotes you always send out are so encouraging cos before joining love clinic I did not think that one time I would be able to handle a relationship but am happy to say am proud of you guys and am happy to be a member. Thanks and may God continue giving you the ideas to share with us. Thanks and good day.


- Julie Tino


Am seeing and predicting a bright and clear future for Love Clinic where it’s going to influence many peoples’ love lives and help them find true love and live happy lives.


Congratulations Love Clinic for being such an inspiration and may you continue to inspire many lives and may prosperity always be your way. Let the sky not just be a limit but the beginning and a turning point.


- Vihenda Maxmillah, Kenya


Having marked and anchored your lovebound website, into my internet explorer, I almost read and browse through your complimentary menu, like tips, advice, feedback, comments, articles for happy singles in sustaining everlasting relationship, maintaining mutual affection, fondness and harmony, excellent communication, fanning flames of love, enhancing climate of loving togetherness, splendid romancing ideas and fostering a spirit of care, concern, support and understanding.  These are integral indeed to the success in any successful and compatible boy-girl relationship.


I am particularly inspired by Authors Kong Jing Wen, Eugene Tan Sern Ting and Chung Pin Soon indispensable lovers' guide, “How To Lose Your Bachelor's Degree”, an added bonus of Love Clinic.


The thirteen chapters divided into Four Parts are a brilliant collection and storehouse of creative ideas, creative solutions, frank sharing, useful methodology, practical wisdom, interesting narration and proven love formula ,which are a boon to dating singles, courting couples, beginners and intermediate couples in relationship.  It serves as a refreshener for newly married couples, as well as a reflection of nostalgia for older married couples.


- Kent Chan, Singapore





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