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Internet Relationships

Dear Dr Love,

Well I met a girl on the Internet and think I'm in love with her. What should I do?


Dr Love's Reply:

Dear Ajay,

Meeting someone on the internet is becoming more and more common these days with the use of internet messaging software as well as internet relay chat rooms. Falling in love with someone you met online is also a common phenomenon. We would like you to be aware of the following differences between dating online and dating in person.

Communication online is only via one modality which is typing out a sentence viewed by the other party on the screen. Someone may sound very nice online but turn out to be otherwise in reality. You also cannot judge her body language and what kind of person she is based on messages she sent to you.


Actions you can do now will include.


1)  Apart from talking to her online, ask for her telephone number and progress onto talking on the phone. Build up the comfort level in the communication between the two of you.


2)  Request that you and her exchange photographs with each other. At love clinic, we feel that falling in love with a person is accepting the other person as much as one can. In choosing a life partner, it is important to be aware of how the other party looks like and whether he or she is pleasant to your eyes. A photograph also puts a face to the nickname whom you are constantly messaging with.


3)  Start off as friends. It is never advised that you should rush into a relationship that fast. She might not have known you enough to consider being more than friends with you.


4)  Ask her out on date once you know more about her. By knowing her a little more each day through the many modalities of communication, she will feel increasingly comfortable with you and you will be in a much better position to win her heart. Read our book: Love Clinic for more dating strategies. Good luck!





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