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Real Interviews

The Love Clinic Team spoke to Ms Ejenna Eng, a charming young lady for her views on dating and relationships.
Ejenna, 22

Events Managment

1. Tell us about yourself.

Currently working in the Events Management department of a major bank.  Enjoys cycling, going to the gym, movies, shopping and ktv

2. What's the main criteria you're looking for in a life partner?

You must be able to connect with your life partner. Communication plays a very important role.


3. Do you think Singaporean guys are good lovers?

In general, many Singaporean gals may tend to compare local guys with that of foreigners. As I feel that Singaporean gals may have higher expectations, they may agree with the above question.

4. It is well known that many successful and educated people find it difficult to find a life partner. Why do you think this is so? Do you have any solutions?

Probably due to the fast paced working environments that they are in, they may find that they do not have enough time to really search for their ideal life partner.

Companies should provide a healthy work life balance and singles should try to minimize their stress level and socialize more so that the chances of them meeting their life partner will be bigger. Lastly, maybe they should set realistic criteria when finding a life partner.

5. Would you prefer a sensitive new-age guy, metrosexual or hunk?

Sensitive new-age guy.

6. Do you think interracial marriages can work out, or is it too big a risk?

It can be risky, due to cultural differences and there may be different opinions and views. Moreover, the couple is likely to face objections from their respective parents. However, there are still cases of successful interracial marriages that work out fine. So, it really depends on individuals and many other factors.

7. How can a guy win the heart of a girl?

He has got to gain the trust of the girl’s parents and friends first!

8. Say, you’re out on a first date with a guy. What should he do or not do to make it a success?

Be natural and try to plan the date beforehand should there be any hiccups along the way. Make the girl feel comfortable and at ease. The guy should not be pushy if the girl is not willing or ready to go on another date.

9. How can a couple maintain a happy & lasting relationship?

Communication, tolerance and trust. Being able to engage in similar interests and hobbies together will also help in relationship bonding.

10. What do you think of Love Clinic – the book and website?

Innovative and a fresh concept. Is certainly worth visiting the website regularly!





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