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Real Interviews

The Love Clinic Team spoke to Mr Yeoh Eng Yew, 25, a galant young gentleman who’s currently working in the financial industry, for his views on dating and relationships.
Mr Yeoh Eng Yew

Policy Analyst, Ministry of Finance 

1. Tell us about yourself.

I’m a quarter-century-old guy working as a Policy Analyst at the Ministry of Finance. I am single. I am a Stanford and Alpha Kappa Psi alum. I am also an alum of the Stanford Asia-Pacific Student Entrepreneurship Society, which has branches all over the world. I am also an old Rafflesian, but not quite the typical one.

2. What's the main criteria you're looking for in a life partner?

Pretty, intelligent and (preferably) Taoist-Buddhist religion. It would be good if she were socially active and yet a generally homely person. A balance of dreams and reality would help. I would appreciate a good listener with fresh, good views on issues. Being open and not blunt about issues will help us go further. We will go explore surprises and life together.


3. What is your favourite pick up line?

I am very shy with girls, so no pick up line for me.

4. How will you make your first date romantic?

I think first dates should be simple and easy. Go to a quiet café or restaurant to take in the sights, smells and tastes, do some sports together or go window shopping and strolling around to chat.

5. There is a Chinese saying, "The bad guy gets the girl". What do you think about this statement?

Well, it’s a good excuse for single guys like me. But honestly, I can be a bit bad sometimes, but I find it hard to be really bad. It takes a lot of effort and I usually fail at it. So, girls who like bad guys, I think you don't need to look for me. I am not exciting in that way, so I don't fit the bill.

6. If your love rival is your best friend, what will you do?

If he intended to let me know about it, I would be open with him and suggest fair competition between us. We’ll continue to be best friends, but may choose to avoid talking about the girl, if either of us is uncomfortable with it. This rivalry and ‘stand-off’ will end, upon the girl’s choice, which we should both respectfully accept.

If he did not intend me to know, I will date the girl as per normal, until we know about the situation and choose to talk about it.

7. How will you attract your dream girl?

Be myself. I’ll do a little more to make myself look presentable and better, talk to her more, get to know more about her and let her know more about me, care more about her and shower more concern over her, but I am a shy guy and do not want to attract unwanted attention towards us. Unless I am sure feelings are mutual towards being at least good friends, I would not do too much.

8. If the woman you like has a boyfriend whom you think is a jerk. What will you do?

If he is really a jerk, I will woo her and let her know through my actions and words that she deserves a better guy in me. However, if it is just a personality clash, I will stay by her and help her progress through her relationship ups and downs, if that would be what makes her happy. Being with her and supporting her in her decision would be my love for her. If she falls from her present relationship, and if I am still available, she could have me to fall back on. It all depends on how much you love the girl. If she gets together with the guy, I would still feel happy for her, if she’s found the right one. It’s also time for me to retire and move on.

Sometimes, while in search of my love and direction in life and career, I feel that my existence is to help others get together. There’ll be people who will forsake me for others and people who would not even cast an eye on me, but if I could be the bridge for my friends to come together, I would be happy too, especially if I feel that they are made for each other.


9. Share with us some useful strategies on how to maintain a long distance relationship.

Avoid getting into an LDR if you can help it. That would be my best advice. Communication, Care and Compromise.

10. What do you think of Love Clinic?

I believe Love Clinic has its potential. It must understand itself well – its strategy forward and its strategic direction. It must understand whom the audience is and how it can best serve its audience. For now, bring your book to the people and bring the people to your book.


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