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Real Interviews

The Love Clinic Team spoke to Ms Janice,  an attractive young lady for her views on dating and relationships.
Janice, 25


1. Tell us about yourself.

I am 22 this year, an undergraduate studying in SMU. Currently attached for 2 months plus. A typical Cancerian. Emotional and sensitive but very devoted to a relation especially to the one I love. ☺ Donít mind taking trouble to do things for my boyfriend. But of course, no one is perfect. Being emotional is one of the bad things about me as I can influence the mood of the people around me. That is why I am trying hard not to show too much or rather, donít let my emotions affect the people around me especially my boyfriend.

2. What are the main criteria you're looking for in a life partner?

He must be caring especially to me and family. He must be devoted and true to me (looking at girls is fine but no touching!). He must be there for me and willing to share his happiness and woes with me and vice versa. Most importantly, he must love me for who I am now and in the future.

3. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Nope, I donít believe in love at first sight. To me, being interested in a person at first sight is a crush and the feeling will soon die down. I believe in getting to know each other better before you can conclude that he/she is the right person for you.

4. How do you feel about ladies who make the first move in a relationship?

I find it is okay that ladies make the first move in a relationship as I believe that one has to make the effort to earn what you deserve/want, and not to wait as the opportunity will just slip away.

5. What are some rejection lines which a girl can give, to hint to the guy that he actually stands a chance?

Havenít really met up with such situation cause I am the type of girl who will pursue my own happiness and reject someone (of course in a polite way) if he is not my type of guy.

6. How do ladies deal with love rivals?

Be real nice to the girl in front and stab her at the back! :p I might be mean but donít you think it is worse for these ďintrudersĒ to break up a relationship? But of course it takes 2 hands to clap. If your boyfriend is devoted to you, he doesnít even give a damn to these intruders. So, may need to consider if you really want such a guy in your life.

7. Arguments are part and parcel of every relationship. Do you have any strategies on conflict management?

Personally, I hate arguments. Both parties should learn to give and take. Be more understanding to each otherís needs and unnecessary arguments will be prevented. But if an argument is unavoidable, separate for a while, cool down, and then have a heart to heart talk with each other after that. Sometimes doing silly things that make yourself look silly helps to ease the tension too!

8. Share with us some tips on how to make his parents dote on you.

Help out with the household chores when you are at his place. Talking more to his parents to let them know what type of person you are. Always smile!

9. What do you think are the key ingredients of a happy relationship?

Trust, communication and understanding each otherís needs are important ingredients of a happy relationship. Always let the other party know that you are not happy with or uncomfortable about certain things and not bottle up your feelings. Most importantly, both parties should learn how to give and take.

10. What do you think of Love Clinic?

Interesting website to visit especially if you want to improve your relationship. I personally like the romantic smses.





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