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Real Interviews

The Love Clinic Team spoke to Ms Jean Yuh Hsien,  an attractive and well-poised young lady for her views on dating and relationships.
Jean, 25

IT consultant 

1. Tell us about yourself.

Single 25 year old working as an IT consultant.

Iím more of an indoor-type of person in the day as the weather in Singapore is so warm and sunny but given the right company and location, I do engage in outdoor activities as well. Iím fun-loving, happy-go-lucky and appreciate the company of friends but can be very perfectionist and serious at times too.

Some of my hobbies do change to suit my changing lifestyle and I love trying out new things. Currently into catching up on my sleep, cooking, salsa, movies, cars, gadgets, absolutely LOVE listening to music of all genres (as I learnt violin since I was a little kid), instruments, chilling out with friends, checking out new dining places, shopping, musicals, concerts and plays.

2. What do you look for in a life partner?

Heís gentlemanly, confident, mature, has chemistry/able to communicate at the same frequency as me, able to make me feel comfortable when Iím with him, affectionate and weíre able to make each other laugh.


3. What would your ideal first date be like?

Quite a traditionalist when it comes to first dates. Probably a nice quiet dinner to chat and find out more about each other and catch a movie (romance/comedy), musical or play. Of course the other party ideally would be what Iíve described above. ;)

If thereís enough time, go for a stroll by the beach(subject to weather and dengue conditions) or chill out at some place with nice music and when he sends me home, he tells me how much heís enjoyed my company and suggest maybe we could do something together again soon.


4. Would you prefer a sensitive new-age guy, metrosexual or hunk, and why?

SNAG definitely out of the 3. To me how I feel towards a person, how he treats me or responses to my behaviour plays the most important part. How he looks or is built does not matter much. But of course he shouldnít be overly-sensitive.

5. Will women mind having a man who earn less than them, or who are of a lower socio-economic status?

Generally, I would think so. But for me if the feeling is right and the chemistry is there, it makes a whole world of difference and Iím sure this is the case for many women out there. They would give up anything for someone they love or have fallen in love with as long as they feel that the guy treats her to the best of his ability and make them feel loved.

6. In todayís society, is it acceptable for ladies make the first move? (if not, why? if so, how should they go about doing it?)

I guess it is acceptable in todayís society as women are more pro-active and some can go all out to get what they want but I usually donít as Iím rather shy. ;P

They should probably drop subtle hints like maybe they are interested in catching a certain show or thereís an interesting concert/event coming up. Some of them would probably have the courage (which I applaud) to just ask the guy out directly.

7. What is the best way for a guy to win the heart of a girl?

Always be there for her, be sincere, sweet and attentive to her needs to make her feel you care and she really means something to you. Of course, all these should come from within you.

8. Some guys are clueless about the type of conversation topics to engage in during a date. They want to know what girls like to hear, and what they like to talk about. Any advice on this?

If thereís a common interest between the two, they can talk about their personal experiences with that interest. General things like daily life, movies, books, a little about work, anything interesting that you came across etc.

Itís always good to talk about other aspects of their own personal life too so as to enable the other party to gauge whether your personal beliefs, values and personality are suitable for each other.

9. What do you think are the secrets of a blissful relationship?

Communication, chemistry, care, consideration, commitment, love, respect and trust.

The ability to think for the other party no matter what decisions you make or whatever things you do as once youíre in a relationship, its no longer just about yourself. It should come naturally if you genuinely care and love your other half as he/she will just be constantly on your mind. But if it feels like a chore, you can be sure that he/sheís definitely not the one for you.

10. What do you think of ?

I think this concept is refreshing, interesting and would be very helpful as it relates to local context.

11. Any final words of advice for our visitors and readers?

Visit regularly to gain more insights into how to perfect that love life and ďmake love workĒ! ;)





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