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Real Interviews

The Love Clinic team recently caught up with one eligible bachelor, Mr Koh Kim Hwee, 24, who is a Medical Student in the National University of Singapore and asked him for his views on love and relationships.
Kim Hwee, 24

Medical Student


1. Tell us about yourself.

Myself…hmm…a relatively young (actually 24) Chinese male, currently studying in a Singapore university, but surprisingly still single.

Playful but not childish, studious but not nerdy, cute but not ugly, humorous but not sleazy, smart but dun act smart, loyal but not a dog, to name a few.

2. What's the main criteria you're looking for in a life partner?

My love criteria is simple yet difficult to achieve too. She must love me AND I must love her too…that’s all!!

3. If you see an attractive girl studying alone in the library, what will you do?

Well I assume this question means what I would do if I’m interested in her but I don’t know her. I guess the answer is very situation dependent too…like if she is studying that same subject as you, or if the library is very crowded at that time etc…but well perhaps I might, for a start, strike a conversation with her. Maybe seek help on the library rules, or usage of facilities etc before introducing yourself. This lays the foundation for future encounters in the library.

4. What is the best excuse you have used when asking a girl for her contact number?

Actually I have never tried going to a stranger and ask for her contacts, though I hope to try that one day.

Don’t really had a best excuse so far…but just to share two simple thoughts which I MIGHT use in future.

Plan A:
Going up to a girl sitting alone (who is a stranger of course), will sit down beside her maybe read a book for a while. Then look at her handphone and ask her “hey that’s a very nice HP you have, what model is it”, followed by a series of exchanges regarding that phone, which will lead to the question “can I take a look at it”? And once I have that phone in hand, will then ask…”can I leave you my contacts”? And hopefully she gets what I mean and we can develop from there…

Plan B:
Again, sitting down beside the girl, I would start by taking out my own HP, try meddling with it for a while before asking her “hey miss, can you help me with my phone for while, it seems to have some problems”….and being a typical helpful pretty lady, she would agree and after a while I would then ask “you mind if you give me a miss call to see if my phone is working already”…


5. Should a guy pay for the first date? Why?

I guess most people’s answer would be a definite YES. But of course it is not absolute. My idea of a date is one that should be enjoyable. And to be enjoyable, the first thing is to get money issues out of the way. If the guy has been paying for the movie tickets, zoo entry tickets, taxi fares, buying little snacks etc etc whole day long, and when its dinner time, the girl volunteered and insisted to pay for the meal (esp if the guy is a poor student and the girl is actually working already), then let her… why argue over such a small matter.

6. If your love rival is the top Casanova in Singapore, what will you do?

Does such a person exist? Haha. Anyway, I would still pursue the girl as I would in the absence the strong love rival. My philosophy is “if you don’t try, it would never happen”. You want the girl, you must work for it, no matter how slim the chances are. At the end of the day, a good point to tell oneself is “every girl is unique and has differing criteria for future spouse, and who knows you might just be her preferable choice over the so called top Casanova of Singapore”. Remember, ask, and you might just be given…

7. Will you consider a woman who is 10 years older than you? If yes, what strategy will you employ when dating her?

My answer is yes, if she seriously attracted me and I too, seriously attracted her, and we are both madly in love with one another. The attraction overrides the age gap I suppose. Well 10 years is a big, yet not too big age gap, and one should again seriously reconsider the decision. Maybe a platonic relationship would be a better choice.
As for what strategy I would use, I can’t think of any answers to this question. Cos I don’t think I would actively date the “older girl” (or rather woman). Should we fall in love, it would probably be insidious and “accidentally” rather than deliberate dating.

8. Do you think it is possible for a guy and girl to have an entirely platonic relationship?

Well anything is possible isn’t it. Even man can be cloned nowadays.

This question can be broken up into 2 parts: can a guy have an entirely platonic relationship with a girl and can a girl have an entirely platonic relationship with a guy? I can’t say I know women very well but I always felt that it’s easier for a girl to accept such a relationship than a guy. Guys fantasizes much more easily than gals I guess. But since everything is in the mind, put away those fantasies and a platonic relationship can be achieved.


9. How should a guy reject a girl without hurting her feelings too much?

I don’t know a good answer to this. Rejections are always painful I guess. I always believe that to be loved is a fortunate thing, but to be loved by someone who you don’t may not be that fortunate after all, and rejections are inevitable. The bottomline line is, I would not know what to do if this happens to me, since I’m a person who doesn’t know how to reject very well. I would have to approach Love Clinic for advice I guess. Why is Love Clinic around in the first place.

11. What do you think of Love Clinic?

It’s an innovative concept. A clinic for love. Wow…isn’t that what many of us need, since love may be the source of happiness for many, yet can be the source of great pain and sadness as well. And you do go to see a doctor when you are hurt.

How great if there is a doctor whom you can approach if you have a problem with love, who can help to diagnose the problem, find out the aetiology, treat the cause or provide long term management for the love sick patient.
I wish Love Clinic success!





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