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Real Interviews

The Love Clinic Team spoke to Ms Lynn Soh, an attractive and dynamic young lady for her views on dating and relationships.
Lynn Soh, 20

2nd year, Law Undergraduate

1. Tell us about yourself.

20, undergraduate and currently in a relationship. Enjoys the simple pleasures of life, namely sleeping, eating, shopping and traveling.

2. What are the top criteria you're looking for in a life partner?

Someone who is responsible, mature, down-to-earth and with a capacity to love.

3. Do you think Singaporean guys are good lovers?

Personally, I have inadequate experience to judge but I think there is no smoke without fire. Go figure it out.

4. It is well known that many successful and educated people find it difficult to find a life partner. Why do you think this is so? Do you have any solutions?

Firstly, these people lead hectic lifestyles leaving them with no time to breathe, not to mention time to date. Secondly, they usually have absurdly high standards which are almost impossible to attain.

They have to realise that work and career arenít the most important things in life. A fruitful life is all about balance. And of course, set realistic criterion for prospective other-halves.

5. Would you prefer a sensitive new-age guy, metrosexual or hunk?

A sensitive new-age guy who appreciates the finer things in life and works out to achieve a hunky body.

6. Do you think interracial marriages can work out, or is it too big a risk?

They can definitely work out. Love can conquer all language and culture barriers.

7. How can a guy win the heart of a girl?

Be honest and sincere.

8. Say, youíre out on a first date with a guy. What should he do or not do to make it a success?

He should be who he is and should not pretend to be somebody heís not.

9. How can a couple maintain a happy & lasting relationship?

Lots of love, massages, trust and compromise.

10. What do you think of Love Clinic Ė the book and website?

Definitely a must-read!





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