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Real Interviews

The Love Clinic Team spoke to Ms Woon Seik Yen, 22, a charming young lady who’s currently working in the financial industry, for her views on dating and relationships.
Seik Yen, 22


1. Tell us about yourself.

Age 22, auditor, cycling, swimming, playing organ and violin, reading, watching TV dramas and sleeping. Soft-spoken.

2. What's the main criteria you're looking for in a life partner?

Good temper, trustworthy, able to maintain his cool when things go wrong.

3. Should guys pay on the first date?


4. What about the subsequent dates?

It depends. Guy pays once, girl pays the next. This arrangement is better than going Dutch.

5. Do you think a girl should take the initiative to make the first move if she likes a guy?

If the girl is brave, should make the first move.

6. Would you prefer a sensitive new-age guy, metrosexual or hunk?

Sensitive new-age guy.

7. Do you think it is possible for a guy and a girl to have an entirely platonic relationship?


8. In your opinion, what can a guy do to win the heart of a girl?

Understand her and be there for her. Take it slow and always start off as friends.

9. How would you advise a 30 year old lady who has been single all her life, who's now wishing to find a life partner?

Be happy with yourself yet be more proactive. Try going out with more people and join new activities to meet more people. But don't get overly aggressive.

10. What do you think are the chief ingredients of a happy relationship?


11. What do you think of Love Clinic?

Helpful, good guide.





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