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Love Clinic Interviews

The Love Clinic Team spoke to Ms Wu Shuling, a dynamic and motivated young lady for her views on dating and relationships.

Shuling, 26

President, Cheng San Toastmasters Club

1. Tell us about yourself.

I am currently working as a play school teacher, a Professional Artistry Makeup student and the President of Cheng San Toastmasters Club (2006/2007). I love doing what I do best!

Visit my blog at
and club website

2. What're the main criteria you're looking for in a life partner?

Someone whom I can trust and rely on.

Your views on online dating?

I am not a big fan of online dating since it was not a tradition from my generation, however I do believe there are success stories out there.

4. Imagine it’s the first day of your wedding. What romantic things would you like your husband to do for you?

He is not romantic. So if he does come up with anything, it’s someone else’s ideas! Haha! Seriously, he simply needs to kiss me on my lips and whisper “I Love You”, and I will be the happiest woman on earth.

5. Share with us your top tips on how to keep a relationship alive.

* Everything can be worked out depending on how committed the 2 are in the relationship.
* Have some free time to yourself and also for your partner.
* Surprise your partner by doing something they like with them

6. Many women believe that “most men who are in a relationship tend to stray when an opportunity presents itself.” Should a woman resign to that or is there anything she can do to prevent her partner from straying?

If the fellow does not want to commit in the relationship, there is no point keeping him. Move on with your life.

7. What do you think of couples who blog about their relationships online?

I think it takes a lot of compromising on both sides in order to publish their relationship online. It could be one of the most memorable things they can do together. I found that it can also be a new communication channels for couples who do not really express themselves much. I am in for it. However, always ask your partner for permission… their face value would be at stake.

8. Say, you and your boyfriend just quarreled. Ideally, you should just get over the argument and make up with each other, but sometimes it may easier said than done. Any tips for rapid reconciliation?

No matter what, say sorry first to pacify the other party, let the person cool down and try your best to understand each other’s situation.

9. In your opinion, share with us some surefire strategies on how a guy can win a girl’s heart.

There is no surefire ways but I think the best method is to be yourself.

10. Your words of wisdom for those singles who are currently searching for their dream partner?

Do not be too picky. There is no such thing as the “ideal” person because nobody is perfect.


11. Last but not least, what do you think of Love Clinic?

I just browsed through the website and I found new ideas to rekindle my 5 years love life. It’s really interesting!






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