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Love Clinic Interviews

Love Clinic
is proud to bring you EXCLUSIVE interviews that brings you into the hearts and minds of people in the streets, to see what we can learn from their views on love and relationship issues. And we are truly amazed by some of the ingenious ideas and wise philosophies that we got from the people we spoke to.

We're looking for people with interesting experiences and great ideas to share. If you wish to be featured in our interviews, drop us a note and we will get in touch with you shortly.


Ms Swee Yan [law undergraduate]

Ms Wu Shuling [President of Toastmasters Club]

Ms Janice [undergraduate]

Ms Jean Yuh Hsien [IT consultant]

Ms Lynn Soh [law undergraduate]

Ms Ejenna Eng [events management]

Ms Woon Seik Yen [auditor]


Mr Chelestiar Kong [Love Clinic Marketing Director and Star Matchmaker]

Mr Yeoh Eng Yew [financial analyst]  

Mr Koh Kim Hwee [medical student]





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