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Long Distance Relationship

Are you involved in a Long Distance Relationship and feeling the strain? Do you feel that both of you are no longer as close as before. Let Love Clinic show you...

9 Proven Ways To Create Intimacy In A
Long Distance Relationship

by Chung Pin Soon, Love Director, Love Clinic

Intimacy is a key survival ingredient in a long distance relationship. Without that feeling of connectedness, doubts and dissatisfaction start to emerge and can eventually lead to serious problems. Due to this, it's even more important for couples in long distance relationships to find ways of keeping that feeling of togetherness.

The main idea behind these ideas below is to help you and your partner feel more involved in each other's daily lives. You may not actually be there, but you can definitely make them feel like you're a part of what's going on in their lives.

1. Voice Memos

Nothing can bridge the gap like the sound of your partner's voice. Voice memos are one of the easiest and cost effective ways to achieve this. You can send your partner a voice memo key chain with the words "I love you" on it. You can get a voice memo photo frame and record "thinking of you always" on it. You can get a personal recorder and just say random thoughts about your day to your partner and send it to them at the end of the week. Many stuffed animal companies offer voice recordings inside of the toy. You could say different recordings such as, good night, sweet dreams, good morning, I love you, and so on.

2. Start Blogging!

Chances are you're pretty Internet savvy if you are in a long distance relationship. If you are, sign up for a free blog somewhere and send your partner the username and password. Use this tool as a way to frequently communicate with each other about your daily life and thoughts. If you don't have access to a blog, write a little something about your day each night. At the end of the week, mail your partner the letters.

3. Web Cam Dates

When you're missing your partner's touch, a web cam date can be the closest remedy available. Frequently arrange a set time for these dates. Take turns planning on what you'll talk about or do. Some couples have used these as an opportunity to share a romantic candlelit dinner, watch a movie together or even play games online.

4. Keep a "LOVE" plant

A plant is often referenced as a symbol of a growing relationship. Use this symbol in your romance by sending each other a plant to take care of. As the plant grows, press leaves or flowers to send to each other in your mailings. When the long distance aspect of your relationship ends, plant them side by side at your new dwelling.

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