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Separate sections for both sexes
For guys: How to tell if a girl likes you
For girls: How to tell if a guy likes you
How to read the mind of the opposite sex
How to tell if a man is out for a fling
How to tell if a woman is out for $money
How to drop hints to the opposite sex



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The first step that leads to everything!
Top strategy to overcome rejection
Hot tips for planning the perfect date
The best way to impress during the date
How to make the date memorable
What you should do after the date to leave a favorable impression


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Discover the signs of deception
How to read someone's body language
Foolproof methods of getting the truth
Gathering clues in casual conversations
How to play mind games like an expert
Advanced strategies, tricks of the trade


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What you should NEVER do on your first date
How you may be sounding arrogant unknowingly
What happens when you stay at his/her place overnight
Why your mum can mess up your date
How being obliging can do more harm than good
What to avoid when dating someone of a different socioeconomic status

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