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Love Jokes


A man visits a local pharmacy with his 6-year old son Bryan, a very inquisitive boy. As they were paying for their purchases at the counter, the boy saw some packs of condoms and asked, “Daddy, what are condoms used for?'”

Daddy replied, “Bryan, condoms are used by men to have safe sex. Don’t worry about them, you’re too young to think about such things.”

“Okay! But Daddy, why are they packed in 3’s?” asked Bryan.

Daddy was stumped by the question. He thought for a while, and replied, “Those are for young men with high sex drive. They have sex 3 times each weekend, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Each packet can last them a week.”

“Wow, that is so interesting! But Daddy, why are some of them packed in 12’s?” asked Bryan again.

Without hesitation, Daddy let out a sigh and replied, “Those are for married men whose wives don’t like sex. They have sex only once a month. Each packet can last them a year.”



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