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~ your space for intimate and informative banter on issues that matter ~
Join Stanley Leong & Mahesha Thenabadu...
'LIVE', 10am to noon AND Encore, 10pm to midnight!

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~ your space for intimate and informative banter on issues that matter ~
Join Stanley Leong & Mahesha Thenabadu.
'LIVE', 10am to noon AND Encore, 10pm to midnight!

Got a question for our guests or an experience to share?
Call 66911-938, fax 62512-938 or email



In The Room THIS WEEK...
The Living Room Lineup for 12 to 16 September

15 September

Part A  -  Fetch!

Birds and dolphins are not like dogs who generally like petting and will take contact from just about anyone. To most of us, birds cannot be cuddled and dolphins cannot be trained to be watchdogs. Yet the bird trainers at Jurong Bird Park and dolphin trainers at the Singapore Zoo will tell you otherwise. Find out from these animal lovers how they get their furry colleagues to do their bidding. From reading bird/dolphin body language to performing tricks, Jurong Bird Park's bird trainer Clarence Faw and Singapore Zoo's dolphin trainer/animal training manager Vinodh tell all.

Part B  - Doctor, Doctor, Can I Have Some Love?

You’ve got that university education behind you, you're financially sound, you have a good mix of friends. Yet there's something missing from your life. Love. Picking up on the symptoms of a lonely heart, three final year medical students from the National University of Singapore have written this delightful read that draws on their enduring passion for promoting romance and experience in dating and relationship counselling. From dating strategies to dealing with love rivals (without using your fist), the Love Clinic is one for the hopeless romantic. Join us for an enlightening interview with authors Eugene Tan, Kong Jing Wen and Chung Pin Soon as they bring the Love Clinic to a sofa near you.




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