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Love Clinic - How To Lose Your Bachelor's Degree


Paperback | 135mm X 205mm | ISBN 9810537328 | 2005 | Published by Rank Books. Buy the book

The Love Doctors' very own flagship dating guide, "Love Clinic - How to lose your bachelor's degree", guides you through the process of finding the right partner and making the relationship of your dreams a reality. It is packed with innovative ideas and proven strategies designed to help you succeed in your love life. It is suitable for both single men and ladies who are searching for their life partner, and for couples seeking to maintain a high level of passion and romance in their relationship. The book is supported by the Social Development Unit (SDU).

Inside, you will learn:

The first important step before beginning your search for a life partner

How to amplify your chances of finding that special someone

How you can confidently ascertain whether a person is suitable for you

Sure-fire strategies to win her heart

How to achieve a win-win situation when facing love rivals

Methods of declaring your feelings that offer the highest odds of success

How to turn rejection, if it occurs, to your advantage

Tried & tested secrets of maintaining the magic in your  relationship

And much more!


 Table of Contents

 Book Synopsis

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The following are what our readers say about "Love Clinic - How to lose your bachelor's degree" :

"A very comprehensive and extremely enjoyable book to read. Not only does it serve as a good guide for bachelors, it is also a very useful reference for girls in search of the man of their dreams."

- Ms Woon Seik Yen
Nanyang Technological University


"An engaging book with practical advice from initiation to management to maintenance of a relationship and much much more. A must read for all guys out there who want to win a girl's heart.” 

- Ms TJ
Singapore Management University


"Absolutely on target, infinitely useful. Great analogies make the book an interesting read." 

- Mr Weng Chunhui


“This is the definitive book for romantic relationships and dating. The doctors of Love Clinic will share with you the right strategies in finding your ideal life partner. If you are single, the powerful techniques introduced in this book will enable you to experience enduring fulfillment and intimacy in your life. If you are already in a relationship, there are still tips which will help you unlock the magic of a lasting relationship.” 

- Mr Li Sifeng
University of Toronto


“Creatively written in vivid language, and well-peppered with anecdotes, this book is a gem of a read and will keep you captivated for many hours.” 

- Mr Lim Chau Sian
Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
National University of Singapore

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